Welcome! Pro Football Eve

September 04, 2008

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John Barfield

Welcome! Pro Football Eve

         What better way to start my life as a sports blogger than this. It is my opening post, yet more importantly to the sports fan it is Pro Football Eve!!! That's right.  Football is back and the 5 month holiday is "The Most wonderful Time of the Year", but only some of us will get presents. Santa Coughlin may be in the giving mood again. It is more likely however,  that Giselle will lead the Patriot fans in a Marilyn Monroe inspired "Santa Bra-dy", asking for that "one thing, a ring".

         Well, in honor of this wonderful season I have written a carol. So, fire up the grill and stock the cooler. I hope that you like it.



Twas the night before football and all through the spring,

Every team had hopes of winning the ring,

The draft gave us hope and free agency too,

Taylor, Ryan, and McFadden to name just a few,

The Jets found a present under their tree,

While Peyton found a lump of coal in his knee,

The Giants, the Pats, the Colts and the Skins,

The Cowboys, the Vikings, the Packers, the 'Fins,

Lienart, T. O., and Chad Ocho Cinco, the Clowns,

The Chargers, the Bears, the Texans, and the Browns,

Come on turnovers, fumbles and interceptions alike,

Come on 1st downs and touchdowns that end with a spike,

Come on Hester, and Jackson, and the great L. T.,

Come on Romo, Rogers, and the Vikings A. P.,

Come on Defense give them the hits and the sacks,

Exhausted and bruised and laying on their backs.

High School has started and college yes too,

but this Thursday we'll play one and Monday, play two,

All through the weekend, they'll struggle and fight,

"Get your popcorn ready yall, and let the drinks flow all night!"

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