Injury Update

September 11, 2008

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John Barfield

Injury Update

Houston Texans injury update:


Megan Manfull of the Houston Chronicle has reported these injuries -


               Running back Ahman Green - It wasn't a cramp that limited his play Sunday. He has a sprained ankle.


             Defensive end Stanley McGlover - He has a torn meniscus in his left knee. He will have surgery and may return before the end of the season.


Others major injuries around the league:

        New Orleans Saints           Marcus Colston - Out 4 to 6 weeks  (thumb) 


                                            Hollis Thomas - Out for Season (triceps)


      Cleveland Browns              Sean Jones - Out 4 weeks (knee)   


      San Francisco 49ers         Alex Smith - Out for Season (shoulder)


      San Diego Chargers        Shawne Merriman - Out for Season (knee)


      Tennessee Titans           Vince Young - Out a 2 to 3 weeks (knee)


       New England Patriots         Tom Brady - Out for season (knee)


       Kansas City Chiefs            Brodie Croyle - Out a few weeks

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  1. I'm gonna be the first one to "go there" and suggest that Brady may be done, period.  This isn't because I want him to be -- on the contrary, I think Tom Brady is an inspiration to everyone and I hope he does make it back next year.  But a torn ACL is one thing.  A torn ACL and MCL?  Even with the rehab that knee is never going to be 100% again, and if Brady does make it back onto the field his playstyle is going to be quite different.  Blitzing linebackers and safetys will know Brady won't be as mobile and will take advantage.

    Of course, if Brady does make it back and somehow does retain his mobility, that'll just add to his growing legend.

    Andrew ModroAndrew Modro on Friday, 12 September 2008, 02:42 PDT # |

  2. Man really have to be on board with you on this one, two ligaments. I mean look at the last QB that it happened to, Culpepper retired after battling rehab for two years after he was supposed to be ready. Brady was pretty immobile compared to most Qb's in the league right now and after this well, let's just hope he can recover better than his predecessors.

    Luis DuranLuis Duran on Friday, 12 September 2008, 07:18 PDT # |

  3. Besides the fact that Culpepper's injury was worse than Brady's (ACL, MCL and PCL as opposed to the AC/MC duo), Brady's only real advantage over Culpepper is seven months and a Brazilian supermodel, unfortunately.  One might argue that he's displayed better overall health, and he's got the services of the premier NFL organization behind him, so that might help too...  Yeah, looking at all that, perhaps the outlook for Saint Tom is not so grim after all.

    Andrew ModroAndrew Modro on Saturday, 13 September 2008, 07:13 PDT # |

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