Moron Message Board Returns!!!-Black Friday

November 28, 2008

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John Barfield

Moron Message Board Returns!!!-Black Friday

     With the Holiday Shoppers out and the economy in the tank, the wolves are out. . .Happy Holidays, and oh-Watch Your Back!!!         

     While surfing the internet recently, I have come to a sad conclusion-the Apocalypse is UPON US! The number of morons in America is staggering. I wrote a column several weeks ago talkling about what would happen if a star quarterback like Tony Romo was injured during the season.   Although the comments I have recieved here have been insightful,I was lambasted by some on other message boards for claiming that he indeed was injured. I found it laughable that they could not understand that a question was being raised. (Article is found in September Archives) Romo wasn't hurt. We all knew that. Now he is -  as well as Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Brodie Croyle. My staments on its effects on a team have also come true. But I digress.

        Anyway, like I said, I found it laughable. I have seen so many message boards, with such stupid comments, that I have decided to give us all a laugh. I now will have a new feature from time to time. It will be called the Moron Message Board. This is just a place to go and read the idiotic comments that people freely give. As Mark Twain stated, "Better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth and prove it."  So, read along if you have the time and get a chuckle from these morons. These are people that don't read the article and make fools of themselves. They are probably the same people that didn't read their mortgage agreement and caused our economy to crash.

Today's          Moron Message Board is found at:


P.S. - You will have to scroll down a little to find the funny ones. Have fun!!!

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