T. O. is Released From the Dallas Cowboys

March 05, 2009

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John Barfield

T. O. is Released From the Dallas Cowboys

     According to ESPN the Dallas Cowboys have released Terrell Owens. Thank God!!!


    There are a few things to look at over the next few weeks. One, where will Owens end up? Two, how will this affect the draft and Roy Williams? Three, who will become the replacement in the Cowboy's receiving courps?


    In my estimation, the keys to this story will be:


        The Cowboys will be in the Anquan Boulden sweepstakes.  The cowboys will have a chance to get younger and tougher while improving their chemistry if they can land the Arizona Cardinals' talent.


        Patrick Creyton may step up, but that isn't Jerry Jones' style. So, look at Boulden or a splash in the draft like Jeremy Macklin or even trading up for Michael Crabtree. My money is on Anquan Boulden.


       Terrell Owens, meanwhile, will be wooed by the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis so that he can continue his halfway house for cast-offs. Look out for the Denver Broncos though. The Broncos new coach, Josh McDaniels, probably has his new gig due to the risk of taking Randy Moss in a similar situation. Yes, the Broncos already have Brandon Marshall and Brandon Stokely, but that full receiving courps could look like the Patriots of recent years. Marshall, Stokely, and Owens could become the Rocky Mountain version of Stallworth, Moss, and Welker.  

     Would you take Terrell Owens on your team?   

     Would it be a good exchange for the Cowboys if they replace Owens with Boulden?

    Should the Dever Broncos be interested in a 35 year old, loud mouth with talent?



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